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September 14, 2010


just checking on you
i got nothing too
see ya

Soooo good seeing you the other day..Hope you are feeling better...I was just looking back at your pics from last year, what a nice memory, I love the one of all of us laughing, I miss laughing that hard. The smell of your house (spicy pumpkin) made me ready for fall, love it...See ya soon.

I finally caught up with your blog....it has been a while. It is such an emotional thing for me. You help me to watch for the precious moments in life that seem so far and few between, but really, they happen every day....I just don't take the time to SEE them. Oh, how I wish we lived closer....wish I could be ther to hold that precious little pumpkin when she arrives.....seriously, I am getting all teary just thinking about it! I love you girl.........

oh miah...i love you too... we are just one of the same spirit i do believe... one day our paths will cross in 'real life' and not in blog land!

good to see you too catharine....see you 2moro!

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