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August 25, 2008


Yes Illinois is spelt correctly and also a very good idea. But that is purely an impartial observation. Love you!!

sounds like a wonderful time! love to refurbish old furniture!

hi's to you and the cute kids!

Great pictures...looks and sounds like you're loving your cameras as much as I love mine...I hope everything turns out for your move.

ok, totally did not know there were craft booths at the "festival". i thought it was just the balloons. i went up in one of them in 1997 and i don't remember seeing that kind of stuff. bummer. next year i guess.

illinois??? wtf?? that's too far.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am glad you found it and got something out of my musings.

I am loving your blog! The photographs are amazing. I have three kids as well (all boys). And I have never seen Luci spelled like that - I am a Lucie as well :)

Your family is lovely.

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